Equatorial Harmony

Armonia Ecuatorial
This picture explores how the Andean and Amazon regions in Ecuador, two completely opposite habitats, have woven their roots and identity harmoniously, blending into an intricate and exotic natural world.
Amazon Symphony
In this painting, I portray the flora and fauna of the Equatorial Amazon region. A Junco and a Papagayo (typical birds of the Andean and Amazon respectively) have been blended into this piece.
Latin American Syncretism
These are the caravels that landed in the New World, allowing the fusion of two cultures. The caravels surfing the waves of future languages and races.
Of Genious and Ghosts
Here are the rituals and magic of what once was a powerful and mystical indigenous culture. These are the shapes, silhouttes and spiritual magic we imagine of them, as a lot of it has been lost.
Path of Light
The composition structure that stabilizes that esthetic at the proposed work art.


Sigifredo Camacho is an Ecuadorian abstract artist and sculptor. Specialising in large abstract wall art and murals, Sigifredo’s work has been exhibited globally and is present in both public and private collections, including the Vatican and United Nations in Geneva. He currently lives in Italy and works from his studio near Pietra Santa, Tuscany.