The Horse in Blue - Abstract Fine Art

Forms & Colours of the Light

Forms & Colors of the Light is a collection of abstract fine art works inspired by the colors and imagery of the artist’s early life in the Andean region of Ecuador. This collection was exhibited in Kuala Lumpur & Jakarta during 2018 and 2019.

Horse Riding in Blue - Abstract Art
Horse Riding in Blue
Following a traumatic situation in the frozen winter which left me with both physical and emotional scars, horse riding became an escape from the trauma. The image of the horse escaping from the ice helped me channel the fear of the freezing temperatures of winter. I seem to break the ice while riding with sea creatures and other images that uncover as I break free.

Bullfighting Passion
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Solitary Shepherd
Equatorial Red
Blue Sky Cavalcade
Miraculous Wave
Glorious Profile


Sigifredo Camacho is an Ecuadorian abstract artist and sculptor. Specialising in large abstract wall art and murals, Sigifredo’s work has been exhibited globally and is present in both public and private collections, including the Vatican and United Nations in Geneva. He currently lives in Italy and works from his studio near Pietra Santa, Tuscany.