Cyclone - Abstract Wall Art by Sigifredo

Abstractionism in the Pictorial Work of Sigifredo

It is essentially characterised by its deep expressive content loaded with a rich, vibrant and enveloping colour.

It is evidently framed by the Andean Cosmovision from whose ancestral roots emerges its creative potential and artistic proposal throughout its trajectory of more than four decades.

His colourist proposal masterfully abstracts on his canvases, a multiplicity of works with a constructivist aesthetic structure and composition, resulting in unique scenes of new visual realities for the viewer.

On the other hand, his artistic activity in the last decade has been benefited by the European culture, especially the Italian surroundings where he currently resides and where he has been able to personally and collectively confront in countless exhibitions.

Additionally, he has exhibited in museums and galleries in various European cities, earning sympathy and obtaining the best comments from specialised critics.

His status as a polyhedral artist puts him at a certain advantage over his peers in the artistic world, deserving the corresponding applause and recognition.

The versatility and performance in the most diverse techniques and procedures gives you the opportunity to venture into various fields of action.

– S I G I F R E D O –

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