Sigifredo Camacho Briceño

Specialising in large abstract wall art and murals, Sigifredo’s work has been exhibited globally and is present in both public and private collections, including the Vatican and United Nations in Geneva. He currently lives in Italy and works from his studio near Pietrasanta, Tuscany.

Sigifredo Camacho Briceño

A Performance of Music & Art

By Sigifredo Camacho (Artist) & Juan Castro (Pianist)

Sigifredo and Juan perform at the Benjamin Carrion National Theater in Loja in May 2019. In it harmonic sensations with colors and notes were captured at the same time, emerging in total synchrony with free expressions and spontaneous externalization. This is a brief moment, from more than 3 hours of recorded footage, in which Sigifredo composed five emblematic paintings.

Abstract Wall Art

In the first place, abstract wall art is the sublime expression endowed with purity and perfection in which I express my most intimate feelings in harmonic synchronization with the colors, shapes and lines that flow in free flight through each brushstroke, to settle on each canvas, chosen surface or support.

Abstract art is the explosion of light that arises from the infinite dialogue between my palette and cosmic space. It is the chromatic poetry arising from the unconscious of my deep and recondite self. It is the effective way to thank the gift of life.


A modern artistic trend born at the dawn of the 20th century has its origins in some scattered parts of Germany without common ideas and homogeneous purposes. The term plastic pictorial abstractionism comes exempt from representing real objects and does not belong to our concrete visual experiences of the world in which we live to make allegories

In other words, it seeks to express and recreate works with free content with shapes, lines and colors product of imagination and fantasy.

As a premise, abstract art has the purpose of being radical especially in its beginnings and we have a main exponent Vassily Kandinski as a forerunner of abstract art who in 1912 created works with floating forms, Jakson Pollok representative of abstract expressionism with the so-called drappino , Piet Mondian, avant-garde standard-bearer of Neoplasticism, Helen Frankenthalen and Clement Greemberg, followers of Jackson Pollock, Kasimir Mallévich, creator of Suprematism and the Russian avant-garde, George Braque, French painter and sculptor precursor of Cubism, Sonia Delaunay and husband Robert Delaunay, creators of the Simultaneism, to Joan Miró a Spanish painter not aligned with any group, to Theo Van Desbourg a Dutch painter, architect, poet, theorist, to Hilma ad Klin, a Swedish painter, a pioneer of abstract art long before Vasili Kandinski and Max Bill a painter, Swiss sculptor, poet, architect, graphic designer, educator, among other exponents of this type of modernist international abstract art.

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