Spring - Abstract Wall Art by Sigifredo

Chromatism in the Work of Sigifredo

Sigifredo’s chromaticism is inescapably inscribed within that world scenario of development of avant-garde styles of the last four or five centuries that preceded us.

In his adopted pictorial technique, colour plays a preponderant role.  The externalisation of emotions is fundamental when it comes to expressing it in his multifaceted pictorial work.

Sigifredo and his colourful proposal possesses a deep signifier of living knowledge of the language of colour, where his ability to transmit and communicate how much he wants is categorical.

Vivacious by excellence, it is above considerations of structural order and design.  Apart from knowing how to use a vigorous palette which evidences a material characteristic, it also stamps each of his works by filling them with vitality, pure energy with a peculiar enveloping musicality.

His chromatic presence is dynamic from all the angles.  Particularly his abstract pictorial production  which is inspired by the colours of nature and by the pure human essence in its original constitution and so, the characteristic of Sigifredo is configured in his pictorial production, manifested in each brushstroke, in each stroke and in each imprint of his artistic DNA.


– S I G I F R E D O

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